Saturday, April 19, 2014

Addison & Carson(but mostly Addison)

I feel like I am always blogging in such a hurry these days, but here's another quick post for the weekend before you are slammed with Easter pictures of my own kids tomorrow :-)

Liam and I hopped back down to Rolater Park earlier this week to catch up with Jannah and her youngin's, Carson & little Addison. The session was actually for Addison but we did get some with big brother, too. Carson also made a new buddy in Liam and they had an awesome time running around while we worked with Addison.

And Liam & Carson. Liam has really been enjoying this whole "going to work with mommy" thing lately. He's making all kinds of new friends!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Ava & Jacob

I met up with Keri & her little sweeties here in Cave Spring last week. The park was muddy but we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful Spring day to shoot!

Friday, March 21, 2014

McKenna's long over due 1st birthday post

Y'all….I have been completely spacing about keeping up on this blog. That wouldn't be so bad if I had other places where my clients pictures were displayed online…but I don't! This is my website for now and I have got to start doing better. I shot McKenna's 1 year portraits back in January. Her mom asked me to hold off on posting everything because she wanted a picture for the birthday invitations and some to display at the party. I never mind doing this, however, it seems it is becoming a regular occurrence and when I have to wait to post things online, I just forget about them. I'm ditzy that way :-) Oh don't worry, she got her pictures, I just didn't put much online! So here we go! Happy Belated Birthday, McKenna!

If you have seen a couple of these before, just pretend like you haven't :-)

Corey & Rachel

I was so pleased to have been selected by long time friend and cousin-in-law, Rachel to be her photographer for her wedding in November. If there is one thing I can say about Rachel, it's that she has fun no matter where she is and I have no doubt that her wedding will be a joy ride! Having known Rachel nearly all my life, I was very happy to get to spend some time with her fiancé, Corey. This is just one reason why I like to push engagement sessions on my wedding clients :-) I think it helps form a bond and a sense of trust between client and photographer. It helps me to understand my couple and when I feel like I know my people, only then can a truly capture the essence of their wedding day.

On this particularly beautiful almost Spring day on Berry College campus, I also got to meet a smaller member of the soon to be Wilkes family, little miss Battie. (most well behaved doggie, ever!)

Congratulations on your engagement, Corey & Rachel! I cannot wait to be apart of your wedding day!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy New Year and a preview of McKenna!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

Winter is a very dull time for me. I love certain things that we get to enjoy during winter time...fuzzy blankets, pretty scarves, candles and air freshener that smell like pine or cinnamon, and aloe infused socks. I don't even now what that means, but they sure are soft and comforting when all of the flooring in your house is either hard wood or tile, and I don't even really like socks. I think I have 4 pair in total now, 2 of which are "aloe infused". Winter time in the deep south is not exactly a Thomas Kinkade portrait. You would like to think that when you take a walk outside with your camera in the winter that you'd produce ethereal, dreamy photographs that look like they could have been taken in Narnia but normally around here you just get photographs that more closely resembles something that I drew with my left hand and let my 2 year old nephew doodle on with a green crayon. Every three or four years it actually snows around here and then we play around, but otherwise I don't waste my time. It makes for a very long and boring winter while I wait for the Spring portrait rush and wedding season to arrive. It also leaves my blog stale and uninteresting. Thankfully, I was able to shoot my first session of 2014 this week! Ahhh, what a breath of fresh air that was!

It was a great feeling to get back to "work". I have greatly enjoyed and cherished my down time over the holidays but getting back into the swing of things has done me a great deal of good. This week was also my first week of homeschooling our youngest son, Liam. He's been having trouble in school this year and we didn't feel that the environment at school was helping him. Although his teacher did try, she couldn't devote the specialized attention to him that he so desperately needs while teaching 18 other children. We are now a part of the Georgia Cyber Academy. The first week went very well and we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Liam even finished up most of his work before my session on Thursday and what he didn't finish, we simply carried with us. He wasn't as well behaved as I had hoped but I suppose he will learn to deal with the fact that Mama still has to work sometimes :-)

I will be posting little Miss McKenna's full session later on but I will leave you with a little preview for now.

Next Saturday I will have the great honor to shoot the confirmation mass of some 25 young ladies and gentlemen who will be welcomed into the church. I was so flattered to receive a call this week from one of our church members asking me to do this job. Please keep this group of young people in your prayers as they prepare for this big event next weekend!

Monday, December 23, 2013

My girl, Cate.

Somehow, this little baby...

turned into a normal Ingram kid...and a 10 year old.

Friday, December 13, 2013


Hands down, the most photogenic child in the history of the world. I could work with this kid every day of the week and twice on Saturday's and never get bored :-)














Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Camp Family

A week ago Sunday, I got to meet up with long time friend, Kelly, and her sweet family. Kelly and I were friends in high school and ever since her Kinleigh was born, I have dreamed of working with her. She's the spitting image of her Mama...beautiful!

I was just amazed by Kinleigh's spirit and how fun and easy going this family was. I am always so tickled when I get to work with a family who simply just let's me do what I feel like I need to do and do not put restraints on me by showing me a hundred pictures that they have seen on pinterest. I love when a beautiful family shows up and let's me drag them into a field behind my house and trusts that I know what I am doing. There is something very pure about coming up empty for a location and resorting to your own back yard...and realizing that your own back yard is a pretty amazing and wonderful location.


















Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Ingram's(not us, no not them either, the other ones)

As I am sure you all know, The Ingram's gained a new member this year. Miss Annabelle was born in July and has since captured the hearts of everyone she meets. It's so wonderful to have a baby in the Ingram house again. We all just stand around waiting for an opportunity to hold her when she isn't eating or sleeping. The kid eats and sleeps a lot. She and I already have a lot in common. On Sunday I got to do a few family shots of Annabelle and her parents...let's see, what were their names again???

Anyway, So Annabelle, or as I call her AB, She's pretty awesome and is gorgeous and wonderful and will be forever spoiled by Aunt April, Aunt Mandi, Aunt Andrea, and Grandma Ingram..at least. She also has 7 older cousins who are pretty much going to be in the "Don't you DARE mess with our AB" fight so I think she has private security for the rest of her life.

Jonathan actually said this past Sunday at our weekly dinner "I don't know how y'all have girls and not spoil them...oh wait..." implying that in fact, all of the Ingram girls are spoiled and he was correct in that assumption. They all are. Bonnie, Cate, Rosemary, and Annabelle are destined to be spoiled little pampered Ingram Princesses all of their lives. That's the way that the world goes 'round.

Let's just not call it spoiled, and from hence forth say that these girls are "Blessed and adored by all". There, that sounds so much better spoiled, doesn't it? Annabelle will have her daddy's sense of humor and baby doll blue eyes and her mama's firey red hair and infectiously delightful smile and the joyful demeanor that she inherits from both of her parents. And she will be given whatever she wants from her grandparents, her Aunt Mandi and Uncle Matthew, Aunt April and Uncle Seth, and 7 Ingram cousins because she is the baby and she is sweet and precious and perfect and all thing wonderful. We adore and love our little Annabelle and look forward to the days when she doesn't have to take a nap during our weekly Ingram time. Until then, we'll just take what we can get! We LOVE you Annabelle!!!

You all know that I am a big music lover and there are few things that I do that do not require music. This particular post requires some Loudon Wainwright, who is a big favorite of mine and he wrote a very fun and spunky little number about his daughter and one of my favorite songs.

Annabelle, Auntie April loves you, beautiful girl!








John & Vickie are having a baby!

What a beautiful sight it is to watch a young couple in love expecting their first child! When that young couple just happens to be some pretty close and wonderful friends, the sight is even more beautiful.

Just a year ago, I was honored to stand in the front of a little church in Bufford, Ga as a bridesmaid and watch John & Vickie join their lives together. It was a great day filled with many emotions and we never dreamed that just a year later, we'd all be counting down the weeks until little baby Goodrich would arrive! Vickie has been one of the most amazing "honorary Aunts" to my three rugrats and I cannot wait to return the favor when her little one arrives next month.










John & Vickie decided to NOT find out the sex of the baby. Before our appointment, they had attended a gender reveal party for some friends and came away with these two party favors :-) Personally, I am leaning towards a boy, but I know both mom and dad will be perfectly content with a boy or a girl

Meet April

Meet April

Hi, my name is April.

I am short and have hair that hasn't yet figured out what it wants to be when it grows up(currently it's majoring in wavy with a minor in curly). I love red wine, hot hot summers, nail polish, words that end in -urple, high heels, my mother-in-law's cooking, spending the night with my mom & daddy, repurposing old things that I don't use anymore, cooking Mexican food on Monday's, making new friends, blogging, pretending I can't hear "Maaaamaaaa!" and banging on the bathroom door when I am the shower, sleeping late, Standing on the hearth with my back to the fire, waking up an hour before the alarm goes off, getting any mail that isn't a bill or an offer from a credit card company, looking through old family photo's, wearing my husbands sweaters, road trips without the kids, Christmas shopping with my mom and sister-in-law, wine and whine sessions with my other sister-in-law, hour long phone conversations with my best friend, painting rooms a new color, ball-point pens, Mass, taking time off, playing in dirt, flouncy skirts and flip flops..ect..